Studio sui punti di Lagrange - Campo

UNAN - Origini Edizioni, L'ahah


This publication was thought by the artist Enrico Bertelli during his one-year residency at the Griset Atelier supported by Lahah. It has been produced in collaboration with the publisher Origini Edizioni.
During his residency, Enrico invited a series of artists to stay in his studio and leave a trace. From this encounter appeared a common affinity for astrophysics and I discovered the book "L’ordine del tempo", written by the physicist and theorist "Carlo Rovelli". My work "Studio sui punti di Lagrange - Campo" is the result of this experience.



Dear Enrico,

When I arrived in your studio, I immediately realized that the only thing to do was to listen the conversation between the floor and the white dust, the walls and the light variations, the islands of works and the empty or the air and the silence of its movement. Alert, I began to watch each vibration, detail or manifestation of a transformation without needing to intervene in space. As I read Carlo Rovelli's “L'ordine del tempo” and we talked about current scientific theories together, my gaze began to change perspective; the Atelier has become the large container of an infinity of worlds and possible stories, with superimposed and inverted times at each point of space. All depended on how I was oriented and what my eyesight was on. By adopting a horizontal position, bent at 127 degrees or looking at diagonally, I captured new frames or phenomena that I never suspected before. I no longer saw the world as composed of things or elements, but of appearances, events, processes. Like something in constant metamorphosis due to the interdependence of entities of different nature.
The work I propose takes place on two pages; one associated with the nocturnal calm that reigned in the Atelier and the other with the subtle gradations of light of the day. Composed like notes from a notebook and made up of photographs, drawings and quotes from the book, my intention is to establish a framework in which the meaning of each element changes according to the relationship with each one. Each space then contains a variety of possible stories depending on how we turn the booklet and what we choose to link.
The reflection is in continuous movement and in perpetual transformation, however we always tend towards a stability, to give to the random forms a geometry and an order with chaos. As exact science does to explain the world around us.

Thank you again for this fabulous stay and see you very soon,
My friendships