"It’s so hard to describe the light! The word is always too strong, you never really know how to take it. One says "light" and the other suddenly thinks of something out of scale, out of time, everywhere in space, not circumscribed, without solidity. While I would like to treat the light as objects given that they will be.
Del Giudice, Quand l’ombre se détache du sol

After hours of exhaustion looking for something that doesn’t exist, it’s necessary to lie down under the sky and surrender to the rotation of the earth. Then the weight of the air, the atmospheric turbulence and the loss of coherence of the light will resonate over the centuries. In those moments, we believe we catched something so important that life will be changed forever. But in this nature, nothing is definitively graspable. The world passes through us and for an instant, lends us its colors. Then we close the eyelids to preserve at least the image, and like water, inexorably, it withdraws and repositions us in this void. Of the one that each one carries in himself, and with each one must learn to stand side by side and negotiate. But which paradoxically remains our most certain driving forc.

The beauty of the pursuit lies in the position of the body. Flexed forward, tense muscles and lively eyes, with ardour we travel inhuman distances and cross imaginary landscapes without ever losing breath. Joining what’s leaking is the only reason of our motion.
Agathe Rosa