Agathe ROSA (Annecy, 1987) lives and works in Marseille, Fr

The attention of Agathe Rosa is focused on the interaction of natural light with Man and territories.
By exploring the capacities of this "luminous matter", she uses cognitive processes (perception, sensation, memory, representation) and interrogates our conception of solidity of things. Because it is when matter becomes movement and interaction of forces, that we can question what remains invisible to our eyes. The creative process of Agathe Rosa is generally initiated by an intuitive and founding photographic act from which the work deploys from the site-specific immersive installation to the drawing, through the assembly of objects, the video or the writing. She is particularly attentive to the interval: this floating space of resonance which is the place of the transfiguration of reality, where innocuous passages and secret links between each entity are created. Thus in her work, the laws of physics are outdated, a dizziness grips us, the scales are disproportionated, time becomes matter and the light the main protagonist of this cosmogony.


After a bachelor at the Sapienza in Rome, she gratuates from the National School of Architecture of Marseille with honors in 2011 supporting her thesis: "Time given to the critical thinking". Then she abandons construction to transform the concrete into ephemeral.

Her work has been presented in France and internationally in many institutions such as the Museo Helio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro (Br), Center Pompidou, Paris (Fr), Museo Santa Maria della Scala, Siena (It), Galleria d'Arte moderna e Contemporanea Raffaele de Grada. San Gimignano (It) or the Saint-Exupéry Cultural Center, Reims (Fr).

In parallel of her artistic research, she teached 4 years as Professor in Art and techniques of representation at Ensa Marseille, intervenes in many seminars including "Atelier Khora - Ville Paysage à la Maison de l'Architecture et de la Ville, Marseille (Fr), "Discours Eupaliniens", Frac Paca, Marseille (Fr) and "I mondi dell 'arte", Accademia delle Belle Arti, Bologna (It). In 2014 she produced a book project of cross interviews with Michelangelo Pistoletto on the artist / craftsman relationship.



- Spazio /nstabile. Curatorial project as FML. Colle Val d'Elsa, Siena (It)
- Les Communs. E22. La Chartreuse, Villeneuve lez Avignon (Fr)
- Rue d'Alger. curator: Alessandro Gallicchio. Manifesta 13 Biennale. Institut Culturel Italien. Marseille (Fr)


2011 . Architect HMONP. Superior and National School of Architecture. Marseille (Fr)

Solo exhibition

2018 . Ce qui pourrait-être. with Clara de Asis. La photographie Marseille #08.Zoème. Marseille (Fr)
2018 . Particular Memory. with Ale Gabeira. Point Zéro. La Grande Motte (Fr)
2018 . Sensor. E22. Lieu Multiple. Montpellier (Fr)
2017 . Advection Carico Massimo. Livorno (It)
2017 . Carnet. Project «Sussurri». Sator Print. Siena (It)
2016 . Mi sono svegliata prima dell’alba. Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea «Raffaele de Grada». San Gimignano (It)
2015 . L’art en jeu. Galerie l’inattendue. Mairie de Paris. Paris (Fr)
2015 . Sistema Colloidale. as Rosaricci. Sonar, Casa della musica. Colle di Val d’Elsa (It)
2012 . Bar éphémère #8. Centre culturel Saint-Exupéry. Reims (Fr)>
2012 . Photonics. Collective Oidem. Pont Simone de Beauvoir. Paris (Fr)

Group exhibition

2019 . Fluxos do Desvio. Curator: Keyna Eleison. E22. Museo de arte Helio Oiticica. Rio de Janeiro (Br)
2019 . Per una nuova unione dei confini. curated by SpazioSiena. Art Verona Fiera d'arte. Verona (It)
2019 . Imprimersi - Partitura per un muro. as FML - Fare Mente locale. Libera collarte. Colle Val d’Elsa (It)
2019 . Haute Agora. invited by Quinton Architects . Pavillon de l’Arsenal. Paris (Fr)
2018 . Dotland II. Peninsula. Berlin (De)
2018 . Arts et sciences des plasmas. Centre Pompidou. Paris (Fr)
2017 . Piani sulla cometa. Curator: Stefania Margiacchi. Spaziosiena. Siena (It)
2017 . Zoème. Curator: Amrane Soraya, Editions Filigranes & Zoème. Marseille (Fr)
2016 . Bazar. Palazzo Giorgi. Siena (It)
2015 . Verso-settimana di arte e architettura. Santa Maria della Scala. Siena (It)
2015 . Made in Filandia. as Rosaricci. Pieve a Presciano (It)
2015 . Città difffusa. as Rosaricci. Montevarchi. (It)
2015 . Volumi urbani. Curator: La Città nuda. Torino (It)
2014 . Made in Filandia. With Viviane Rosa. Pieve a Presciano. (It)
2014 . La qualità dell’abitare. Curator: La città nuda. Cagliari (It)
2014 . Les uns chez les autres. Curator: Julie Navarro. Cimetière de La Villette. Paris (Fr)
2014 . Pae/saggio. as Rosaricci. Biblioteca Ginestra. Montevarchi. (It)
2013 . Acqua. as Rosaricci. Greenhouses Cioncolini & Balestri. Montevarchi (It)
2012 . Nuit Blanche de Paris. Le Batofar. Paris (Fr)


2017 . Arts et sciences des plasmas. Bourse de recherche. Centre Pompidou & Labex Plas@par (Fr)
2016 . TU35, la fine del mondo. Shortlisted. Centro Pecci. Prato (It)
2017 . Premio Imagornimia. Imagornimia, Associazione del Terzo paesaggio, Fare arte. Milano (It)
2015 . Fenice Contemporanea. Premio Fondazione Musei Senesi. Regione Toscana (It)
2014 . La qualità dell’abitare. Finalist. La città nuda. (It)


2019 . Museo de arte Helio Oiticica. E22. Rio de Janeiro (Br)
2019 . Institut Royal Météorologique. Bruxelles (Be)
2019 . Residência Artística Móvel. with Ale Gabeira. Rio de Janeiro (Br)
2018 . Echangeur 22. Avignon (Fr)
2018 . Lahah. with Enrico Bertelli. Paris (Fr)
2018 . Arts et sciences. Centre Pompidou & Labex Plas@par. Radioastronomical Observatory. Nançay (Fr)
2016 . Progetto Itinera. Associazione Fuori Campo. Siena (It)

Permanent collections

2017 . Museo della contrada del Leocorno. Siena (It)
2015 . Biblioteca Ginestra. Montevarchi (It)


2018 . UNAN. Enrico Bertelli. Origini Edizioni & L’ahah. (Fr-It)
2017 . Mi sono svegliata prima dell’alba. Culture attive, Regione toscana (It)
2017 . Progetto per S, Simone Burratti. Nuova Editrice Magenta (It)
2013 . Acqua. Aska Edizioni (It)


. Fare Mente Locale.
Founder and member of the collective with Giacomo Ricci & Nicola Macchetti.
The objective is to requalify the spaces of the city of Siena by activating a collaborative dialogue with citizens and institutions.

. Rosaricci.
Founder and member of the duo with Giacomo Ricci
The work, mainly of installation site-specific, explores diversion and substitution. The work is characterized by mimetism, at the limit of the invisible.

Work experience

2019 . Teacher. Arts and Technics of Representation since 2015. Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture, Marseille (Fr)
2018 . Seminar Intervention « Matière lumineuse» . Discours Eupaliniens. Frac Paca (Fr)
2018 . Workshop intervention. with Giacomo Guidotti, Marc Barani, Laurent Beaudoin & Jacques Lucan. Curator: Atelier Khora, Atelier EGR. MAV PACA. Marseille (Fr)
2017 . Architectural seminar Intervention. La transmission des arts en architecture. Curator: Dominique Dehais. ENSA Normandie. Rouen (Fr)
2017 . Direction of a discussion. Entre images, objets et décors. With Philippe Cyroulnik and Éric Dussol. Curator: Laetitia Pesenti. FRAC PACA. Marseille (Fr)
2016 . Workshop intervention. I mondi dell’arte. Curator: Giusy Ragosa. Scuola degli Belli Arti di Bologna. Bologna (It)
2015 . Workshop Creation. Fenice Contemporanea. Project supported by Fondazione Musei Senesi. Regione toscana (It)
2015 . Curator. La ville est toujours la ville de quelqu’un. With Arlette Herat, Dominique Lefrancois and Andre Merian. Galerie les bains douches. Marseille (Fr)
2014 . Book project. Pistoletto (par) Agathe Rosa. Città dell’arte, Galleria Continua, AdArte. Project supported by Andre freres Editions. (Fr)
2014 . Assistance to the projection and realization of the monumental sculpture “Il Terzo Paradiso”. M. Pistoletto. Galleria Continua / AdArte. Louvre, Paris. (Fr)

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