2016. On going
Serie of drawings, mixed technique - Format A6


"L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle (Paradiso XXXIII, 145)"

« In addition to architecture, Agathe’s formation, there is the echo and control of the empty space, a blank sheet to give life to. The unprecedented sequence of drawings, shows us her new vanishing points and confirm how lyrical and impalpable her eyes are, aspects already perceived in her photographic works. Delicate and meticulous drawings come to life gracefully on paper and seek, by conquering it, an infinite space.
The reading of the drawings - one each day - reveals signs sometimes transformed into abstract forms and other times evocative of mysterious presences - but always hectic - that begin to tell a story ... many stories ... But the horizon is not near or vaguely distant; we are separated by sidereal distances that project us into cosmic spaces, into places where dust is made of stars. The measurement of the sheet is the one of a telescope lens that opens the eyes to the place where one creates, where perspectives can be reversed and the force of gravity inverted. This is the space where art finds abiding for forms that have total freedom: they can appear and disappear, fly or slide, come to life, cross horizons without warning, finding solace in color, sometimes refusing to do so, satiating in black and white with the constancy of being always surrounded by a neat, clean line.
The travels are numerous and the one that Agathe Rosa presents to us is her mysterious and refined narrative. »

The notebook of Agathe
Michela Eremita, director of the Museo per Bambini, Santa Maria della Scala, Siena (It)