Ce qui pourrait-être

Installation site-specific realized in with cotton sheeting, retroprojector - 7 m x 5 m
Sound composition and multichannel diffusion by Clara de Asis


« Suspended from the ceiling, a large white sheeting curves and slices the space: it’s at the same time sensitive surface on which is projected a rectangle of iridescent light and at the same time a diffused bright focal point that floats on the stage. Initially square in shape, its contours blur and move at the slightest air movement or vibration of the floor. By liquefying the matter, the space itself become sensitive, which agree then briefly, in a kind of Baudelerian correspondence, at the frequencies of the sonorous piece. The light echoes the sounds, which in turn are reflected in the light. It’s a work about the thresholds: between the audible and the visible, the material and the immaterial, the container and the content. »

Rafael Garido, writer/poet.
Gallery Zoème, Marseille (Fr)