Atlas di luce

2018. On going


We all know that the light of the South is different from that of the North or that of the Tropics. And it’s not just a matter of position on the globe, the day of the year, the time or the weather. It’s all above a question of perception.
Light ... It’s the most common thing that exists, much more than wood or metal, and it’s one of the most intimate elements. I can say pale light, cold light, blinding light, warm light, ... it always remains equal to itself; only the feelings change.

Considering the light as a mean of recognition of a space - physical as mental - it is possible to connect the men with territories.


  • Chapter 00

  • Chapter 01: Light is hidden in stones (Avignon, France)

  • Chapter 02: A incerteza de James Thomson (Rio de Janeiro, Br)